McKeever CCSA Professional Version - Save $200

McKeever CCSA Professional Version - Save $200

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Product Details

The McKeever CCSA Professional Version contains detailed coverage of all CCSA domains, 500 sample questions, and additional reference material.

This publication is designed to help you both pass the IIA CCSA Exam and to apply control self assessment in your workplace.

Customers save over $200 from the price of purchasing "McKeever CCSA Study System", "McKeever CCSA Practice Test", and included reference material.

The CCSA Professional Version:

1) The "McKeever CCSA Study System" - detailed explanations of the material in all CRMA domains
. over 300 CRMA practice questions with a description of the approach to answer correctly to improve your test-taking technique
. PDF version of the 480-page workbook

2) The McKeever CCSA Practice Test includes:
. 200 sample questions different from the McKeever CCSA Study System
. software to display 100 questions at a time similar to actual CRMA Exam questions
. display of a different test each time containing 50% questions different than the last test
. report of the percentage correct and suggestion for whether to take the CRMA Exam now
. detailed feedback for every question with answers and explanations

3) Complete David McNamee’s publications Control Self Assessment; Risk Management and Risk Assessment; and Achieving Auditor Excellence.

4) McKeever CCSA Professional Version BONUS
. John McKeever's notes used for on-site training
. John McKeever's - Risk Assessment: Steps that make it Work! presentation
. John McKeever's - Risk Assessment: Steps that make it Work! notes

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NOTE: The McKeever CCSA Professional Version is all digital - online and downloaded. If you would like to also receive a paperback copy of the 480-page workbook then add shipping to your order of 1) $25 within USA or 2) $85 outside USA.