David McNamee Classics - ISBN 978-1-935133-29-2 - Save $175

David McNamee Classics - ISBN 978-1-935133-29-2 - Save $175

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This product consists of all 6 of David McNamee's popular CD-ROM titles:
  • Internal Auditing: Basics and Best Practices
  • Risk Management and Risk Assessment
  • Achieving Auditor Excellence
  • Auditing Purchasing and Contracts
  • Auditing Fraud
  • Control Self Assessment
Purchasers of this set of CD-ROMs pay $175.00 less than purchasing these CD-ROMs individually.

If you already have some of the titles included in the David McNamee Classics and would like to order different 6 titles; order this product, then immediately send an email to order@pleier.com stating what 6 of any $95 Pleier Corporation titles you would like to purchase.

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NOTE: This product is downloadable self-extracting software (EXEs format).