McKeever CCSA Practice Test 2014

McKeever CCSA Practice Test 2014

Code: mcktest115


Product Details

The McKeever CCSA Practice Test 2014 is compatible with IPads and most mobile devices includes:

- display of 115 questions similar to actual CCSA Exam questions

- computer-based training practice for the actual CCSA Exam

- timing for 2 hours and 55 minutes with feedback at the end of test option

- no time limit with feedback after each question option

- display of a different test each time containing 40% questions different than the last test

- report of the percentage correct

- suggestion for whether to take the actual CCSA Exam now or delay it

- detailed feedback for every question (in Acrobat PDF format also)

- view or print over 200 questions on data base with answers and explanations.

Note: the download version only requires access to the internet for the time to download 1 file. After download all features of the online version are available on the local computer.

Click Here for demo.

- instructions emailed by next business day