Practitioner's Guide Performance Auditing 2nd Edition - ISBN 978-1-935133-21-6

Practitioner's Guide Performance Auditing 2nd Edition - ISBN 978-1-935133-21-6

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Mr. Khan a world-class expert on performance auditing shares his valuable insights from performing performance audit combined with the very valuable feedback from users of the original publication published in 2005.

Mr. Khan is a pioneer in the effective use of Performance Auditing as an Audit Professional with over 30 years experience. He developed the Performance Auditing Methodology used by the Department of the Auditor General, Pakistan, where he served for 3 decades in positions including Director General of Performance Auditing.

In plain English Mr. Khan shares his vast experience addressed to both Internal Audit and Government Audit Professionals in a Guide that he created to provide practical guidance for those who would like to improve their auditing effort employing Performance Auditing.

In this Guide Mr. Khan takes the reader through all stages of performance audit: planning, executing and reporting to help the reader see how a performance audit blooms into a full-fledged report from the initial stage of audit planning.

He includes his recent experiences in performing performance audit at an international level to provide an even better Guide in this updated and expanded Second Edition.

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