Tongren Seminar Series - save $100 - ISBN 978-1-935133-30-8

Tongren Seminar Series - save $100 - ISBN 978-1-935133-30-8

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"The Tongren Seminar Series" consists of "Operational Auditing: Adding Value to Organizations","Exceeding Expectations for Internal Auditors", and "Transition: Internal Audit to Internal Assurance". These 3 publications contain over 6 hours of presentation using PowerPoint slides with synchronized sound tracks addressing the critical issue of how internal audit can best add value to an organization using operational auditing , transitioning to internal assurance, and exceeding an organization's expectations.

Purchasers of this set of publications pay $100.00 less than purchasing these publications individually.

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NOTE: This product is downloadable self-extracting software (EXEs format).